Friday, July 06, 2007

Culinary Highlights of My Honeymoon, Part 1 (of 10 or so)

I was originally going to do my honeymoon food review all in one piece. However, Bazu's recent updates from her trip to Puerto Rico, while making me desperate to get on a plane, also reminded me that posts with lots of photos take forever to load in my RSS reader. On the off chance any of you have the same problem, I'll be doing these a few at a time.

In any case:

Culinary Highlight #1: Breakfast on Amtrak #97, the Silver Meteor, Between Jesup, GA and Jacksonville, FL

departures board, penn station

We had boarded the train the afternoon before in New York, and were about half way through our twenty-seven hour tour of the Eastern US from the comforts of an 8 by 4 bunk. It was the early dawn, and we were bleary-eyed from a night spent trying very hard to sleep in a single bunk...and then giving up and splitting up onto two bunks. We stumbled into the dining car to make sure that we got that breakfast we had paid for with our sleeping compartment tickets, before they stopped serving.

welcome aboard

My memories of the meal are almost hallucinatory, blinded by exhaustion and the rhythm of the train rocking slowly along its path. It was not yet eight. The light streamed through the train car windows, and the flat rural landscape of South Georgia tore by us at seventy miles an hour. We sat alone at a table together. I drank hot tea with two lemon slices and a sugar. We were in a small hum of sleepyness and love, and we ordered breakfast.

wife's breakfast on the silver meteor

The Wife ordered the 'breakfast scramble,' which came with French toast. She asked for them not bring the French toast, but they forgot. Luckily, I was able to extract them for my own purposes. The Wife describes it as "actually decent...cheesy without really noticing the cheese...and the potato was sooooo soft, it almost melted...and whatever the sausage was was decent, and the egg was ok, but the potato was sooooo good."

I ate her French toast. If you like your French toast dry and not too eggy, than it was perfect. I really enjoyed it. I had ordered an abomination called "The Continental," which came with a lousy croissant, cereal and milk, yogurt, and very bad fruit salad. The French toast was the good part.

We stumbled back to the room again, which had been helpfully made up by our steward, looked out the window for a few minutes, and then fell asleep until Deland.

Nota bene: on the way back I ordered the Southwest Omlette. It was much better. And the Wife was right about the potatoes being excellent.

southwest omelette


Blogger bazu said...

Ack! I'm sorry if my posts caused you problems- I actually deliberately split them up to try to prevent photo overload... ack.

I am going to love hearing about your travel food. I've only ever been on one long (NY-FL) amtrak ride, and I don't for the life of me remember what I ate on board. Maybe we even packed our own food. All I know is that for my shorter monthly Syracuse-NYC trips, I always pack my own little lunchbox!

8:29 AM  
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